Product Description

  • This bracket system is unreal! If you swear by charcoal for that authentic outdoor taste, but want greater control over grilling temperatures typically reserved for gas grills, then Adjust-a-Grillgrate’s Height Adjuster Bracket system is for you.
  • Simplify temperature control of your outdoor charcoal grill by raising and lowering the grill grate, with this new must-have barbecue grill accessory.
  • Our patent-pending design extends the flavor and charcoal grill experience you love, by giving you three levels to cook and heat your food. Easily move your food away from flames and heat, to slow the cooking process.
  • Take the best of the outdoors – grilling meat, fish and vegetables – and make it even better by adjusting the height of your kettle charcoal grill grate.

Product Specifications

  • The Height Adjuster Brackets are made entirely in the USA from top-quality steel.
  • Sturdy metal brackets support food further away from direct heat, for lower, slower more-delicious outdoor cooking.
  • Screw-on clamps secure easily onto your grill and allow your existing grill rack to simply slide in to place on any of 3 height settings.
  • This durable set of three metal brackets measure approximately 5 inches tall by 4.25 inches wide by 2 inches deep, and have been powder-coated to protect against corrosion.
  • We designed the Height Adjuster Bracket system to fit the following Weber® charcoal grills:
    • 18.5” Weber® Silver and Gold Series
    • 22.5” Weber® Silver, Gold and Platinum Series
    • 26.75” Weber® Gold Series
  •  This must-have BBQ accessory protects the integrity of your Weber® charcoal grill while upgrading its natural, excellent cooking ability.