Invest in this perfect kettle charcoal grill accessory to grill your quality cuts of meat to perfection!

Buy a Height Adjuster Bracket system and see how much easier it is to control the heat of your charcoal grill*.

*compatible with most Weber® charcoal grills – see here for chart.

Get one for yourself and your favorite BBQ grill-master buddy. (Unless you have backyard grill competitions. In which case, you’ll want to keep this tool in your own secret arsenal.)

Adjust A Grillgrate Adjuster Bracket System is for you!
Adjust A Grillgrate Brackets are made in the USA from
Top Quality Steel & are Powder Coated Black to Protect
against Corrosion. Simplify Temperature Control of your
Weber© Charcoal Grill by Raising & Lowering the Grill Grate.
The Grill Glove is the best heat , fire resistant glove made.
They are better than oven mitts for getting a better grip on
any hot surface. Great for Grilling. They are machine washable.
One size fits all. Inner lining 100% Aramid, launder as you
would synthetics. Sold as a pair of two $25.00