Inventor John Moran of Danbury, CT has designed a grill grate bracket system that allows food to cook at the optimum cooking level.

Spending time in the great outdoors is a favorite leisure time activity. Quite often, cooking and eating are a central part of outdoor activities. Whether camping, at a picnic or just having a cookout on the backyard patio, a great deal of time is spent cooking food. Many people use round charcoal grills, which are full-featured and provide many useful accessories. However, they are limited by the number of positions in which the grilling grate can be placed. In fact, many people look for a way to raise the grill grate higher to provide lower and longer cooking times, but there is no means to safely do so. Inventor Moran has created a means by which the cooking surface of a charcoal grill can be raised on certain model of Weber® charcoal grills.

This clever new invention allows the grill grate to cook food at three different levels. The height adjuster bracket system forms a stable platform and ensures that grill grates will not slip. Additionally, the invention offers convenience as it is compatible with the barbeque owner’s existing grill grate. The use of the Grill Grate Height Adjuster Bracket attachment allows you to easily and efficiently cook foods at lower temperatures on a charcoal grill.